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More than 1 in 3 (37%) American homeowners report that they’ve seen a rodent in their home in the last year. Among the top three places rodents were seen, the most common areas were in the garage (39%), kitchen (35%), and basement (27%).

Like most homeowners and renters, the most common concern of seeing a rodent inside of your home is the possible diseases they carry. The average mice/rat carries infectious diseases and can spread salmonella, hantavirus, allergies, plague, and lots more.

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Where Do Mice, Rats, and Other Rodents Hide?

Roof rats, Norway rats, and common field mice seek residential homes and apartments for shelter as they provide an abundant source of food, water, and protection from the elements.

When looking for rodents in your home, listen for movement in your walls and ceilings late at night. Mice and rats are nocturnal creatures and are most active after the sun goes down. Another big identifier that you may have a rodents present in your home is you find droppings near food sources (kitchen, dining room, etc).

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The Health Risks of Mice, Rats, and Rodents

Having a rodent infestation should be a serious health concern for you, your family, and pets. Mice and rats are capable of multiplying faster than any other rodents and they aren’t known for their cleanliness. The average house mice or roof rat carries over 7 diseases and an infection from a single bite can lead to serious illness and loss of limb. 

Just a few common diseases spread by rodents are hantavirus, salmonella, allergies & asthma, tularemia, plague, rat bite fever, lymphocytic choriomeningitis & leptospirosis.

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